Warren Thomas leads the HTA Events

Warren Thomas - HTA Events

Warren Thomas is in high demand as critical decisions required on Structures and Assets across the Civil Engineering Industry become increasingly vital as repercussions become more serious.

30+ years of working on the largest and most unique projects in the most challenging environments, the most delicate legal cases and the occasional secretive locations means Warren has the full circle experience required no matter what the project may entail and who may be involved.

“Understanding your clients objectives and concerns from the outset is critical.

Only this will determine the Approach, the Techniques, the Technology and ultimately the Definitive Answers required for the client to move forward.

Without this most results are guesswork and that is not good enough.”
– Warren Thomas

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Currently running the UK’s leading Structural Investigation firm. Warren can be contacted on the following:

email: warren@hendersonthomas.co.uk | phone: 01707 327 785